Technical Specifications Tractor Kubota L1-195

Technical data & information Kubota L1-195


1988 – 1991

Gross Power:

18 hp

Kubota l1-195

–>Compact Utility Tractor
Previous model: Kubota l1-185
Next series: Kubota l1-215


Manufacturer: Kubota


l1-195dt : 4 wheel drive

Kubota l1-195 engine

–>Kubota 1.3l 3-cyl diesel


Fuel tank: 29.1 liters

3-Point Hitch

Rear Type: I

Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear PTO RPM: 540/770/940/1250

Dimensions and tires

Wheelbase: 150 cm
Shiping weight: 890 to 975 kg
Front tires: 4.00-12
2 wheel drive Rear tires: 8.3-24

L1-195 serial numbers


Kubota l1-195 power

Engine: 18.7 hp [13.9 kw]


Traction: 4×2 2 wheel drive
–>4×4 mfwd 4 wheel drive
Brakes: Wet disc
Cabin Type: Control station open.


Ground: Negative


Number of batteries: 1
Battery volts: 124/5(1)

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